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"Aqua Corporation" owns TCDC 50% | TCDC - Thai Consumer Distribution Centre Company Limited.
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"Aqua Corporation" owns TCDC 50%

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Mr. Phonlasit Pumiwasana Acting Managing Director of Aqua Court Operations Limited (the Company) or AQUA revealed that the Board of Directors' Meeting No. 3/2557 held on February 27, 2557 has approved them. Investment By buying shares of Thailand Consumer Distribution Center Public Distribution System (TCDC), representing the number of shares 262,500 shares at par 100 baht, representing 50% of the total paid-up shares. The average price per share for a total value of 275 million baht THB 1047.62 from existing shareholders 3 people who have no relationship. Or connected with the directors, executives, major shareholders. Authority or control of the company.

The Company's core business is the TCDC warehouses. It is located in Chachoengsao Total area of ​​210 acres managed by Mr. Paul E Scales Alert - Irish. It is also the founder of Jones Lang Wootton (Lasalle), which specializes in real estate directly. Our main customers are the company Unilever rent warehouse space, over 107,000 square meters plus a fairly high standard. To build a warehouse that is defined by the Group Unilever makes a warehouse sample. The Ministry of Industry has requested a case study for Warehouse and Logistic in Thailand as well.

For benefits that are expected to occur with the company. From purchasing shares in this is to expand the revenue base of operations. This is the exact and consistent. And to drive the profitability of the company grew again. The results for the past 4 years, the company said. Showed a profit from continuing.

"Initially, the committee said. It is an interesting business There are certain income The rewards are worth it. This will make the company's revenue grew more and more. And in the long run, it can not receive dividends. And if in the future could push for TCDC funding and listed on the SET. The company will receive compensation from the increase shareholder value as well. And if it has invested in 50% of the paid-up capital. We will send a representative to the board 2 and the group's existing shareholders to 2 for the administration together, "said the general.

For Business Strategy in 2557, the company provides investment plans to expand into more than 1,000 million baht to increase revenues in the short and medium term. By focusing on businesses with high growth potential. The target to achieve revenue growth in 2557 will be lower than in 2556.