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"Aqua Corporation" offensive holding TCDC 69% | TCDC - Thai Consumer Distribution Centre Company Limited.
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"Aqua Corporation" offensive holding TCDC 69%

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"Aqua Corporation" offense warehouses TCDC holds 69% stake, worth more than 406 million baht investment is expected to drive revenue growth. It helps spread the risk of doing business. The exact reason of the revenues flowing into the company every month. The major clients Unilever company Tenants in addition, there are plans to push into the stock market in the future as the board approved a capital increase for PP 845.31 million shares at a price of Baht 1 per share.

Miss.., Ta sweet proximity to the Vice President of Aqua Corporation Public Company Limited () (AQUA) That the Report of the Board of Directors. Approve the termination of the Board of Directors Meeting 3/2557 held on February 27, 2557 regarding the acquisition of Thailand Consumer Distribution Center Public Distribution System (TCDC) from three existing shareholders of shares. 262,500 shares at par value of 100 baht, representing 50% of the paid-up capital (525,000 shares) at a price of 1047.62 THB worth an investment of 275 million baht.

The alternative approach is to acquire ordinary shares of TCDC Number 1,169,000 shares at par value of 100 baht, representing 69% of the shares (1,694,000 shares) at a price of 406.3302 (a share premium 306.3302 baht. / share), representing an investment value of 475 million baht and the general rights Pumiwasana shareholders of the Company on 1 shares by shareholders other disclaimers as TCDC will be paid for the first 285 million. baht or 60% of the new capital. And the remaining 190 million baht by the need to make money.

The reason for the increased stake. The Committee considered that. The proportion of 50% may cause problems in the management of the future. Since no party holds a majority. Therefore, if you invest the company should hold a majority. Beneficial to the company in control. And better governance Which will benefit the company in the long run.

"Acquisition TCDC this constitutes an expanded revenue base in the business. Because of TCDC income from rent Warehouse, which was in addition to the rent billboards. And diversification of business. The revenue will flow evenly from the rental company. Rely exclusively from renting billboards Also in the long run when TCDC profit AQUA can still get dividends. Unlike other companies that investors like AQUA AD, EPCO, etc. If in the future can bring TCDC to Spin Off SET AQUA will receive compensation from the increase shareholder value, "said Miss.. Rae said.

The Company Thailand Consumer Distribution Channel Partner Centre Limited's core business is the warehouse. It is located in Chachoengsao Total area of ​​210 acres managed by Mr.Paul E Scales Alert - Irish. It is also the founder of Jones Lang Wootton (Lasalle), which specializes in real estate directly. With major clients Unilever company Rent warehouse space, over 107,000 square meters.

The Board of Directors has approved the reduction of the share capital registered capital of 9,619,253 baht. Baht 2,086,960,834 to Baht Baht 2,077,341,581 to be paid. Then out And offering newly issued shares to the private placement. And / or institutional investors And / or investors with specific characteristics (Private placement) of 845,316,838 shares at Baht 1 each by the Extraordinary Meeting of Shareholders No. 2/2557 on July 7, 2557.

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